Transform the Customer Experience

Mobilize designed a SKILLS based Artificial Intelligent Agent to increase the performance of your campaign, BPO processes and call center operations!

We specialize in replacing or supplementing the live agent environment. Our cloud-based Artificial Intelligent technology is truly state of the art with over 20 years of innovative development.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by 80% – Reduce license fees – Freeze new hiring – Stop new training. With ease of implementation create new revenue streams with a low cost highly effective technology.

A.I. Order Taking

Our technology, experience and scripting skill leads a consumer through a clear, concise predictive conversational process. All of this without the need of a single agent.

A.I. Customer Service

Your customers deserve a technology that delivers a consistent, friendly and accommodating experience. Our goal is customer satisfaction and sales preservation.

A.I. Pre-Qualification

Our outbound and inbound pre-qualification A.I. will dial out or will pre-qualify an inbound call. It can do the work of thousands of agents at a fraction of the cost.

A.I. Outbound Notifications

Make every customer interaction count! We deliver transactional information, shipping information, product updates and more. All of this without the need of a single agent.

A.I. Collections Processing

Whether you are a hospital network, a debt agency, a lost prevention service, we produce amazing results for all inbound and outbound collection efforts. We also process payments in real-time!

A.I. Inbound and Outbound Surveys

It can conduct highly accurate surveys, political polling, non-profit donations, compliance call recording , capture data and report on all analytics. We will even notify an administrator for a call that needs attention, i.e. hospital discharge notices.

Artificial Intelligence Explained

Let our A.I. make your sales simpler, providing the ultimate customer experience.

Replace or supplement the live agent environment.

eCommerce Platform

Blend mCommerce with eCommerce on a single integrated platform.


We provide a simple and secure consumer experience. Both your mobile, tablet and desktop sites will process credit cards in real-time.

Simple Checkout Process

Easy, secure and simple checkout process to expedite a sale. Our technologies provides the best customer experience possible.

Partial Form Fill

Recapture all the eCommerce partial form fills and abandoned cart data. Our technology emails or texts the consumer that exited the site an incentive to return to complete the sale a discounted purchase price.

Detailed Reporting

View detailed reports and statistics regarding online users, number of visits, number of actions, bounce rates, organic searches and average time.

Web Hosting

Advanced web -hosting ensures your web campaigns responsiveness. Sites load quickly providing you with the best opportunity to sell your products by eliminating customer exiting.

Exit Technology

Exit pop-ups provide a save the sale opportunity with special discounts for customers that have intent to exit.

SEO and Social

Built·in SEO solution makes your site easy to find for your potential customers. Add social media icons and lead visitors to your social page or give visitors the opportunity to like your page.

SMS Platform

Deeper engagement. Stronger relationships.

It’s the perfect time to engage customers via mobile. Consumers have clearly made the shift using SMS messaging as a primary method of communication. Brands and retailers everywhere are making SMS their first choice for mobile engagement.


Set up campaigns and promotions that get customers to interact with your product or service offerings. Direct them to a website or use Click to Call  to interact with our A.I.


Strengthen, retain and improve loyalties with your customers by sending special promotions, discounts and customer experience satisfaction surveys.


Track real-time responses, results and sales. Use our CRM reporting and analytics to fine-tune your campaigns.


We monitor the progress of each SMS sent. We then determine if the customer purchased or interacted with your offer. If they did not then we send a followup SMS. This advanced technology increases sales exponentially!


Depend on our robust CRM for all your consumer interactions and retention data all with real-time analytics.

Securely store and centralize all your consumer data. Track and analyze all your sales and advertising spends. Also, use our CRM as a live agent desktop system.

Call Center Data

Real-time reporting and analytics.

Best Performing campaign

Dashboard view of your best performing ecommerce and A.I. Voice campaign.

Blended Ecom

Blend your all your advertising channels data including ecommerce, TV, radio, print and mobile.


Track every component of a sale’s process.

Call Center Data

Real-time reporting and analytics.

Best Performing campaign

Dashboard view of your best performing ecommerce and A.I. Voice campaign.

Blended Ecom

Blend your all your advertising channels data including ecommerce, TV, radio, print and mobile.


Track every component of a sale’s process.

Order management, credit card processing, multi-pay and continuity processing.

Measure your sales effectiveness in real-time to make intelligent media decisions.

Inventory “in” or “out” of stock controls with real-time logistics exports for same day shipping.

Our CRM is the integrated backbone of our entire A.I. and commerce infrastructure.

Our efficient CRM provides instant cash flow, real-time processing and sales analytics.

Comprehensive reporting system for all your analytic business decisions.

  • "I can now deliver callers from the USA the world-class customer experience they deserve. My opportunities have grown exponentially with Mobilize A.I.."

    Prakash Sanjay

    President HRMO Intl.

    Prakash Sanjay
  • "In just 10 days Mobilize A.I. TRANSFORMED our call center into the elite customer experience we have been trying to achieve for years."

    Marcus Stevens

    Call Center Director

    Marcus Stevens
  • "A groundbreaking technology that delivers on it's promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly is the future of Call Centers."

    Sandra Thompson

    Forbes Tech Reviewer

    Sandra Thompson